Personal Mediterraneo / Published at 2nd of July, 2012

Pablo Porlan is not just fun to hang out with, he also happens to be an extremely talented photographer. Yes he's Spanish but he prefers to enjoy the privilage of living in Paris. He was on the move recently along the Mediterranean coasts for his photography project called "Personal Mediterraneo". At the streets he takes portrait photos of people of almost every nationality, exploring the diversity and similarities between them and shows us what their "style" looks like nowadays.

Mediterranean Portraits or "How to Lure People In"

For the Turkey stage of his project, he was here in Istanbul with his camera and I happened to be his assistant, to grab people that he spotted among the crowd and bring them in front of his tripod and hold the reflector. Doesn't sound like much of a fun indeed and it wasn't. The trickiest part was to convince people from the streets to sign the legal documents (which is a necessary bureaucratic issue in photography) after each shot and I think I've managed to do a good job on that with approximately 10-15 people out of 20 per day. Definitely, photography (even assisting a photographer) is a good exercise for your social skills to say the least.