My new typeface "Primus" is available for purchase! / Published at 30rd of August, 2012


My first typeface design with a full character set (in 4 weights including italics, along with Turkish support), which I started designing for my own identity project about a year ago, is finally complete and available for purchase at most of the world's leading font websites including MyFonts, Fonts, Linotype and ITC Fonts.

About Primus

Primus is the Latin translation of my surname, Birinci, which can be translated into English as "Premier". I started designing it for my logotype but later on it turned into a big project and in time it had become my very first complete typeface, so I decided to name it that way. I always had this ambition to create my own complete typeface with many weights and language supports, in a futuristic, scientific and innovative style. It's primary use would be for display purposes, branding and advertising, but thanks to it's careful geometric construction and hundreds of kerning pairs, it serves perfectly for text as well.

Technically speaking it's strictly geometric, consistent and has rounded edges. It's hand in hand with the design standards of the 21st century, internet and computing age. Anyone who observes the direction we're taking as mankind in designing products and graphics, would see that the clean, simple, round edgy, friendly and modest look prevails. This had been the main inspiration for me while designing Primus, and I wanted it to have its place in the modern graphic design as an industry standard typeface.

Primus is especially set to be the number one choice for anything that has to do with technology. From software production to mobile applications, from websites to video game industry, from engineering fields to scientific infographics, Primus is there to make it clean and enjoyable.

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