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For Clients

If you have already read "for clients" page, you can go ahead and send me an email about your inquiry. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend you to do so since I've provided most of the basic information there.

When it comes to writing your brief, you can refer to the "brief guide" that I've provided below to help you describe your project.



Mobile Number / Skype

If you would prefer to contact me by phone or have a video call you can also ask for my mobile number / Skype username by email.


Istanbul / Turkey

Brief Guide

While describing your project, please include all the key information. These questions below may help you as a guide:

  1. Name of Your Organization

    The name that is to be used in the design. If you have a slogan you wish to be incorporated, add it as well.

  2. Industry

    Which industry your organization operates in.

  3. Description

    Describe the project as clearly as possible. Provide all the information that you think of importance, but bear in mind most of the time the devil is in the details!

  4. Target Audience

    Describe the main target audience of your organization or product.

  5. Assets

    If there are, provide all the assets that is going to be necessary (such as photos, text or content). If you don't have them yet, other methods such as dummy text or stock photos may be used until the actual assets are provided.

  6. Technical Details

    Describe if you have technical spesifications, such as dimensions for print or web, corporate guidelines or color choices.

  7. Keywords & Notes

    Anything else you wish to add. Keywords are especially welcome here, since single words can be applied much more efficiently into design ideas.