Information for Clients

For Clients - Introduction

So What Exactly Do I Do?

As a graphic designer my main objective is to improve the quality of visual communication. It's about delivering the given message to its audience in an effective way. It's not about making pretty things, it's about making them work. I design brand identities to be strong and long lasting, packages to stand out and appeal, web layouts to be clean and effective, and so on.

I'm always looking to provide my skills to potential clients from all over the world, especially those who knows the importance of good design.

What Services Do I Offer?

In these links below you'll find details and prices of the spesific services that I offer.

How is the Design Process?

This section has been prepared to guide you through the design process. Divided into six milestones, with two of them being payment milestones, for me (and many other designers) this is the most appropriate way of systematizing a design process. You can see these steps on the chart below:

Design Process Chart

  1. Inquiry

    You can start off by sending an email to me through the contact page, describing your project with a brief. I also provided there some spesific questions which will help you on that. You can also request my mobile number or Skype username by email.

  2. Approval

    You'll get a reply from me by email about the confirmation of the inquiry. Following the finalisation of the agreement, the contract will be signed (e-signature). Then as soon as the client makes %50 of the total payment, the design process will begin.

  3. Research

    Let's get started! While I'll be looking through the microscope and thinking about every detail about the task at hand, I recommend you to provide me as much spesific information as you can. Depending on the project, extending from one week to a couple or more, this is the most important part of the overall design process.

  4. Draft

    Once the idea is set to work upon, I'll begin sketching to prepare the draft work. There may be one or more different solutions that I can offer and these are going to be presented in a draft file. At this point, details will be discussed and we'll decide on which direction to take.

  5. Development

    At this stage, the design will be worked to perfection based on the chosen concept. Duration of the development may also vary from one week to a couple or more. If required, additional material or service will be provided. At the end of this stage, I'll display the completed artwork. If requested, alterations can be made.

  6. Finalisation

    The design process is complete. Once you've made the remaining %50 of the payment, the original design files will be handed to you along with the rights depicted on the contract. It's been a pleasure working with you!

How Much Do I Charge?

Perhaps the most profitable investment you may ever make is to have a good design for your brand or product that will serve for decades, bringing more and more customers just by the way it looks and communicates with people. It's not uncommon that brands are improving their market share ten times more just by solving their design problems. The long term benefits of good design are incomparable next to its fee.

At those links for the graphic design services above, you can find the minimum investment required for different types of projects. How much this investment should be mainly depends on the comprehensiveness of the work. I'm more interested in working with clients that I can establish a mutual understanding and I favor virtue over budget.

Let's Begin!

Thank you for reading and I hope this section was helpful to introduce you to the way I work. If you've already checked my portfolio, you can move on to the contact page. If you have more questions, feel free to ask them. Looking forward to hear from you!