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About Anadol

Anadol was the first Turkish mass-production automobile company, operated between the years 1966-1991. It was also the subject of my diploma project: "Rebranding the Anadol and designing its launch campaign for it to make a come-back to the highly competitive world market".

Brand Identity

Anadol's name is coming from the word Anadolu, Turkish for Anatolia. Its geography influenced the brand identity and it's also been reflected on the logo. I've designed the letter "A" with an abstraction of a mountain with a road going through, inspiring a strong spirit with a modern, competitive look. I've also designed unique typefaces for the Anadol and its sub-brand, Gordion.

Anadol Logo Inverted

Anadol Corporate Identity Pack

Anadol Corporate Colors and Typeface

Logotypes for Sub-Brands

Logotypes for sedan and compact car models. I've chosen the name Gordion for sedan model, name of the ancient Anatolian city which is famous for its Gordion Knot, which the Great Alexander had cut. Name for the compact model is Tigris, one of the longest rivers running through Anatolia and Mesopotamia.

Gordion Logo

Tigris Logo

Exhibition Stands

3D renderings of exhibition stand designs.

Anadol Exhibition Stand 1

Anadol Exhibition Stand 2

Web Design

Anadol Website

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Spirit of Anatolia wherever you go.

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Copyright Notice

Anadol is a registered brand of Koç Holding and it's only been used as the subject of my diploma project in a fictious manner. Cars used in the design are Volkswagen Jetta and Volkswagen Golf.